Company advantage

Cloud watta (Shandong) Networking Technology Co., Ltd. based on the Aioute group, capital and technology strength, years of industry and customer accumulation in cloud Voda (Xi'an) Networking Technology Co. Ltd., is the founder of the global high-speed broadband wireless mobile communication system, is the world's first to achieve interconnection of all free configuration, wireless communication technology of self repairing and self management, high mobility, high bandwidth of the company.

Product advantage

Technology focus on IP innovation and progress, with IP wireless network coverage based comprehensive product line for the application of accumulation gradually formed the basis network solutions, professional scene solutions and large regional, city level covering multi industry, multi scene solution, solve user needs and pain points, quickly has been widely used the development of IP wireless, occupied the commanding heights.

R & D advantages

Cloud watta (Shandong) Networking Technology Co. Ltd. (Xi'an) to join the cloud Fernando Networking Technology Co. Ltd., a large research team as a support, continue to develop excellent classic products and technology; joint universities and research institutions and other external forces, efforts in the research and development of new products, new technology to increase the.

Service advantage

To build a unified delivery platform, to provide integrated process support and management capacity; ensure that the user is responsible for the investment, quality of service; the establishment of a unified global service / support platform; to build differentiated industry user service strategy, classification response mechanism; cooperation with partners, using their own advantages to carry out sincere service for end users.

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